Resume Writing


Provide one-on-one service with a professional resume writer.


Your resume writer will tailor your resume with key words from at least two selected job descriptions of your choice.  Your resume writer can create a variety of resume styles for various industries but specializes in those below.


Resume Specialties

  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Ministry
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Device / Biotech


Job Coaching


We are dedicated to prepare and strengthen the job interview presentation during your job coaching session...


Our coaching is designed to help you prepare for an interview, to walk you through interview questions,and ultimately to help you ace your job interview.


The initial coaching sessions consist of critiquing your current resume. Learn what your accomplishments, responsibilities and awards were in previous roles and skills you currently developed. The session is to determine your ideal goals to find a new job or advance in a position you may desire.


Job Research


Do you have an interview and have not researched the company? Are you investigating companies that may have employment opportunities?  If so then it is time to start researching these companies….


ResumeWriting Aid is dedicated to assisting you in your research so you can make an educated and informed career decision


Our company researches job web sites with you to assist in your search for a job that may interest you. Research companies of your interest to provide you with tips on how to handle salary negotiation. 


Your resume is our first priority. If you would like assistance or have questions about our awesome services contact us today! 


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What Your Resume package will feature:

  • A custom Resume
  • A custom Cover Letter
  • A custom Thank You Letter
  • Coaching on Research and Job Hunting


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